Planning Your Easter Celebrations

Easter is a wonderful time of year to get together with friends and family to celebrate. At this time of the year, we celebrate to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, who was buried after his crucifixion by the Romans at Cavalry c. Easter is most commonly celebrated by Christians, but due to commercialization over the years, people from all kinds of religions celebrate the holiday of Easter as a time for gift giving and welcoming the springtime. Interestingly, the word Easter comes from a German word meaning east, which was originally derived from an older Latin word meaning dawn - and Easter comes at the dawn of springtime.


Those that celebrate Easter often give gifts to one and other, ranging from chocolate (usually in the form of eggs) to flowers and other Easter gifts. Many people also choose to host celebratory Easter parties that include Easter-themed decorations and games such as an Easter egg hunt for the children to enjoy - although adults often get involved too! Are you planning an Easter party this year? Not sure what to buy for your Easter celebrations? Here are some great tips to throw a party everyone is going to remember!

What to buy for your easter celebrations?

Eggs to decorate

To kick off the party games, why not host an egg decorating contest? You can either decorate hard boiled eggs bought from the supermarket, or you could decorate Styrofoam eggs - or even make your own paper mache eggs! You can decorate eggs with paint, pen, glitter, or even food coloring mixed with water.

Bake or buy a cake

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a delicious cake to indulge in, and to keep with the theme of Easter, why not buy a carrot cake that the Easter bunny would be proud of? Decorate with mini chocolate eggs for an on-theme Easter cake.

Ham for the main event

Another staple ingredient for Easter is a large ham for everyone to enjoy. Slow roast a delicious joint of ham for a fall apart joint that everyone is going to love.

Easter flower arrangements

Brighten up your home with some beautiful Easter flower arrangements. Try out different vases from a bowl to a trumpet vase to find the best one to suit the colors and chosen flowers. Pro tip: tie a ribbon around the neck of the vase for a beautiful finishing touch to any bouquet.

Hollow chocolate bunnies

Everyone loves the chocolate side of Easter, so why not buy - or make - some hollow chocolate bunnies. They’re the perfect snack to enjoy between cooking, Easter games and enjoying everyone’s company.

Hot cross buns

Another staple ingredient for every Easter should be hot cross buns. Bakeries all over will be filled to the brim with them, but if you’re feeling creative, why not have a go at making your own?

Easter decorations

Hang Easter colored, bunny-shaped garlands around your home, and arrange some chicks’ nests for a truly authentic Easter themed party. You could even try decorating an Easter-themed tree!


Everyone loves gifts, and what better time to give one than the celebration of Easter? Why not keep with the Easter theme and buy your guests bunny shaped gifts such as slippers, cushions, mobile phone cases, and even clothing such as pajamas! They’ll love the attention to detail as well as the cute bunny gifts.

The best spring flowers to include in your easter party

White Lilies

White lilies are arguably the most traditional Easter flower. They symbolize hope, love and purity, and they symbolize the resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified. Since they generally have longer stems, why not arrange them using a bouquet vase to allow them to fall beautifully alongside one and other.


Tulips are another traditional Easter flower, and are perfect for Easter because of their wide range of beautiful springtime colors. Pick out a clear or white vase and take a hearty handful for a standout, color popping flower arrangement that you and your guests will love to admire. We recommend a cylinder vase for a crisp and clean look for your tulip flower arrangement.


Due to the fact daffodils are planted during the fall, they make the perfect flower for Easter because that’s when they look their best. You can often find daffodils at the side of the road or on nearby fields, but it’s always best to buy daffodils from your local florist to get the best quality. Arrange them in a tall and thin ceramic vase for a delicate and sophisticated floral arrangement.

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