Gender Reveal ideas for 2020


When it comes to what to expect when you are expecting, finding out the gender is a thrilling experience. Is it a boy or a girl? Everyone will be guessing the gender of your little blessing.

It makes sense that revealing the gender is a great excuse to get everyone together. As gender reveal parties get more and more elaborate, finding a creative gender reveal takes a bit more thought and planning.

We put together some of the most buzzed-about ideas for a gender reveal you just might want to steal. All these ideas are easily personalized to fit your style.

A Scratch-Off Game

If gender was a cosmic lottery, the reveal would be obscured by a scratch-off waiting for a coin. If you and your nearest and dearest companions enjoy a good scratch-off or the game of chance, reveal the gender of your bundle of joy with scratch-off tickets.

The nice thing about this idea is you can do the scratch-offs with the group at your gender reveal party and mail tickets to your loved ones who can’t be there in person. These cards are inexpensive and available at multiple online stores. If a party isn’t your thing, the scratch-off can also be an interesting way to do a gender reveal social media post.

If you do decide to make it a party, make it a casino theme and include other games. However, make sure there are some nonalcoholic drinks for the mom-to-be.

Truth for the Sweet Tooth

Sweets have been a part of gender reveal parties long before Instagram or Pinterest even existed. If you want to do a simple cake, there are recipes online for cute gender reveal cakes that reveal the gender by the color of the batter or frosting hidden within.

If you want to take that a step further, there are pinata cakes that release pink or blue candies when cut for the reveal that will make everyone squeal.

There are other sweet treat options like colorful cake pops, fortune cookies and surprise cookies that use color to reveal the gender of the baby. You can surprise everyone by asking your doctor to put the gender of your baby in an envelope. Take that envelope to a baker and let them do the rest!

Fantasy Reveals

For some, fantasy is life and vice versa. If you have a favorite show or film, why not incorporate it into a gender reveal party?

If you are a Harry Potter fan, there are endless opportunities for a magical gender reveal. Will the baby be a wizard or witch? There are pink and blue gender reveal smoke bombs that can be used as part of a “magic” trick.

Grab a wand and say the spell. Let the smoke from the smoke bomb or a pink or blue powder cannon tell you the baby’s gender. There are plenty of cauldrons, candles and other accessories from Halloween that can work with your Harry Potter party reveal.

Another idea for the Harry Potter-themed gender reveal is to let the sorting hat be part of the reveal. Get guests in on the fun by letting them cast their votes into a goblet of fire (no real fire, of course) and let the invitation encourage them to show up dressed as whatever character/house they desire.

Game of Thrones fans will be glad to know that there are gender reveal dragon eggs. The great part about these eggs is that they are heat activated and can be used again. The party will be unforgettable, and the egg will make a great keepsake.

Another fun science fiction inspired idea is to have the parents wield LED lightsabers in pink and blue to fight it out. The winner reveals the gender. Of course, everyone wins in the end. Let the force of nature and your geek light shine with this fun gender reveal.


Be a good sport and incorporate sports into your gender reveal. Almost any sport you can think of now has a corresponding gender reveal ball. Choose your sport with personalized baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, basketballs and even golf balls. Watch them explode with pink or blue powder for the win!

A sports-themed party makes decorating easy, and you could even play a blue team versus pink team game. The winner gets to reveal the gender. Don’t use the personalized sports ball until it is time for the reveal, or it will be a very short game.

Cannons, Paint and Flares

We don’t know why guys (and some women) love explosions so much, but there are all kinds of ways to reveal a baby’s gender with a bang.

One of the fun ways to do a memorable gender reveal is with a gender reveal burnout. A black bag filled with either blue or pink powder attaches to your tire. Once you start your engine and get moving, an amazing cloud of smoke becomes a reveal with a tire squeal.

There are also confetti and smoke cannons to make any gender reveal a blast. Colored smoke flares won’t send any mixed signals, and for a longer reveal, try a gender reveal that involves paint.

Paintball guns are a natural choice for people who already enjoy that activity. You can also fill balloons with paint, hang them in rows and pop them with darts to reveal which color fills the most balloons. Tempera and poster paint are good choices for the balloon paint reveal.

Have some squirt gun fun by wearing white and filling squirt guns with pink or blue liquid. You can either just have squirt guns for the parents or let everyone in on the fun. We highly recommend hosting this gender reveal outdoors.

Flower Reveal

An unusual idea for a gender reveal involve florals. The color of the arrangement will reveal the gender of your baby. Designate someone special to you to bring the arrangement to the party once everyone is gathered and waiting or coordinate with your local florist for the delivery.

Make sure you decide on this type of reveal in advance to make sure there are adequate flowers in the corresponding color. This can be done in the same way you work with a baker with cake reveals. Handoff the envelope that is sealed with the results and the rest is taken care of for you.

Whether you want flowers to reveal the gender or to decorate for the party, our florists at 1-800-Flowers - Dallas in Dallas, TX, would be glad to create the perfect bouquet to coincide with the special day.

Dream Teams

People love being part of the celebration. Encourage people to feel more involved in the gender reveal by choosing a side. They can wear pink if they think your baby is a girl and blue if they feel it is a boy. You could also conduct a vote on the day of the reveal. It is a simple and fun way of involving everyone.

Of course, in a gender reveal, every team wins because there will soon be an adorable baby boy or girl for everyone to love!

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