Yellow & Orange Donkey Mexican Hand Made

$ 149.99
sku # mexdonora

Beautiful Donkey Mexican Hand Crafted, every of these Mexican Hand Craft pieces takes about a month (sometimes more) to make from start to finish, and certified studios ensure that craftspeople meet quality standards at every step of the way. Artists mold the clay, either by hand or on a pottery wheel, then fire it in a kiln heated to 800 degrees Celsius. Next, each piece is hand-painted using only six specific pigments. These pigments come from natural minerals native to the surrounding region. A thick tin glaze puts the essential touch on each piece, and a final firing process makes Talavera pottery extremely durable. Each piece is a work of art. Size of the donkey: 24 H x16 w x 20 L YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE WITH FLOWERS, PLANTS OR OTHERS BY CALLING US DIRECTLY

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