Roses for Sympathy

orange flowers and cloudy skies

In a time of loss, a rose can make the difference. Funeral roses are a great way to express love and care to the loved ones that are going through grief. Funeral roses can also be used to celebrate the life of those that are no longer with us. Sending funeral roses to the home or the service is a very thoughtful way of letting your friends and families know you are there for them to celebrate life and mourn death. If you are in doubt what funeral flowers to purchase, 1-800-Flowers - Dallas in Dallas, TX can help you in this endeavor.

Funeral roses are the perfect gift to show respect for the loss. The Red & White Rose Fireside Basket has the perfect color mix of red and white symbolizing love and peace. This beautiful flower arrangement is the perfect choice of flowers to send someone you love after they suffered a loss. This classic color mix is a safe choice to show sympathy and respect with your funeral flowers.

If you are thinking of sending flowers to the home of a loved one who has suffered a loss, consider giving a funeral basket filled with roses. The 1-800-Flowers Thoughts and Prayers Fireside Basket - Red Roses arrangement is perfect to show the ones you love you care about their loss. These funeral roses make a big statement of love and compassion during their difficult time.

Show your sympathy and love through funeral roses. 1-800-Flowers - Dallas in Dallas, TX is here to help you find the perfect arrangement that incorporates this classic lovely funeral flower. If you have any questions about the arrangements don’t hesitate to reach out to them in moments of grief. They are here to help you show your love and overcome these hard times.

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